About PrecisionTemp

About PrecisionTemp

American Ingenuity (With a Little Help From Europe)

PrecisionTemp is the quintessential American manufacturing company. There was a need. Someone had an idea about how to fill that need. It grew – and continues to grow – from there.

In this case, Gerry Wolter (now the president of PrecisionTemp) wanted to take longer hot showers on his boat. He studied some tankless European heater models, then engineered his own to run off his boat’s propane tank.

When his friends at the marina heard about it, they asked him to build heaters for them. That was just the beginning, because PrecisionTemp has continued their innovation into many more solutions for comfort. One could say we wouldn’t be comfortable until everyone else was.

Today, PrecisionTemp manufactures several lines of tankless hot water heaters that provide on-demand hot water for RV’s, boats, horse trailers, vacation cabins and even fine-dining and high-volume food service facilities.

In addition to responding to customers’ demand for more product lines, PrecisionTemp continues to improve the safety, efficiency, and heating power of our existing lines with exciting innovations, such as our patented electronic gas valve that delivers the precise amount of fuel to produce the desired water temperature.

What truly makes PrecisionTemp a great American company, however, is that all of our products are made in America and that will never change.


Meet the PrecisionTemp Team:

Gerry Wolter, President

Gerry was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is married to Elaine, a Registered Nurse. Their love of sailing and camping led him to the inventions for which he holds five patents, including PrecisionTemp gas fired products for on demand hot water, as well as hydronic heating.

These products are the first of their kind to be certified for use in recreational vehicles. The first one, the ShowerMate™ was designed to allow Gerry and Elaine to have more than “Navy” showers while on their sailboat. Their search for comfort has allowed thousands of people around the world to enjoy that same comfort of long showers after camping and boating, using PrecisionTemp on demand water heaters.

Gerry was also a professional photographer, though now his skills are mostly used in his business and for his family. While he was the Staff Photographer at the Cincinnati Enquirer, he won many national and regional awards for his photography of world and local events.

Rick Muhlhauser, CEO

Rick and his wife Cynthia are native Cincinnatians. Following 3 years in the Navy, Rick retuned to Cincinnati for a 27-year career in the insurance agency business. Following a brief period of retirement, Rick joined PrecisionTemp as part of the management team. After having sold a piece of paper and a promise for 27 years, Rick says, “It is rewarding in a different way to manufacture something that people actually use on a daily basis. The common thread between the two careers is dedication to customer service. Satisfied customers are, after all, the best source of new business.”

They have been very active in many charities through the years, giving many hours of service and care to the community, especially for children. Cynthia is a winner of the Cincinnati Enquirer’s “Woman of the Year Award” and both were recognized for their contributions to the lives of children by the United Way Agency, Comprehensive Community Child Care. Rick and Cynthia have five children and three grandchildren between them, and in addition to their extensive family and friend connections, they play tennis, snow ski, and enjoy boating, gardening and travel.

Fred Rothzeid, Vice-President

Fred was born and raised in New York City and Long Island. He attended Hofstra and CW Post before moving to Cincinnati to work for Chiquita. After traveling the world buying bananas, he became interested in the start-up, RAD Technologies, Inc., and in time assumed the position of Vice-President.

This position has entailed managing the business, developing customers and overseeing the growth and development of product lines that now include the marine industry and institutional food service, as well as land-based recreational vehicles.

Fred is married to Karina, a Certified Financial Planner. They have three children: a married daughter with two children, a son who is an officer in the Air Force and a daughter who is a corporate attorney for General Electric in Cincinnati. When not busy with his family, Fred writes songs, plays, and poems, and is active in the playwriting community of Cincinnati. He is also a physical fitness enthusiast in training for the 2012 Pump N’Run competition in Cincinnati.